Rivian R3x. – Everything you need to know!

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At first glance the Rivian R3 looks like a Volkswagen car. This hatchback gives an elegant feel of a classic car with the performance of a modern electric ride.

As I write this I can see it in all its beauty on my desktop screen – wide and crisp.

Rivian History

Established in 2009 in Rockledge, Florida, initially as Mainstream Motors by Robert “RJ” Scaringe, the company underwent name changes to Avera Automotive and later Avera Motors before settling on Rivian Automotive in 2011. This name, a clever nod to the Indian River in Florida where Scaringe spent his childhood, marked the beginning of the company’s shift towards autonomous and electric vehicles.

In December 2017, Rivian unveiled its initial offerings: an electric five-passenger pickup truck and a seven-passenger SUV, initially designated as the A1T and A1C. Subsequently, in November 2018, both vehicles were rebranded as the R1T and R1S and were showcased at the LA Auto Show. Emphasizing their suitability for challenging terrains and semi-autonomous capabilities, Rivian also articulated plans for its upcoming models to achieve full autonomy. Production was slated to commence in 2020.

The R3

The R3 takes the R2, which is already short, and shrinks it even more. Its wheelbase is 5 inches shorter than the R2 and 10.5 inches less than the R1S, keeping that SUV-like ground clearance. The rear hatch has a cool feature – a glass backlight that lifts independently for quick access or letting long cargo hang out. Just like the R2, the R3’s seats fold flat for more cargo space or comfy camping with an air mattress.


Like earlier said, the R3, built on the already compact R2 platform, further reduces its length with a wheelbase 5 inches shorter than the R2. Rivian maintains an SUV-like ground clearance in its hatchback silhouette, emphasizing its “adventure vehicle” capability. The rear hatch, with a lift-up glass backlight, allows quick access or accommodates lengthy cargo. Like the R2, the R3 features fold-flat front and rear seats for increased cargo space or enclosed camping.

The platform similarity means the R3 will offer single, dual, and triple-motor configurations, benefiting from an enhanced battery design. However, specific sizes and range comparisons remain undisclosed by Rivian. The R3X, a performance variant, will boast a wider stance, aggressive wheels, and additional ground clearance, distinguishing itself with orange accents. While pricing, range, and availability details are pending, the R3 is expected to have a starting price below the R2’s estimated $45,000 floor and likely debut post-2026.

the R2 – seemingly bigger version of R3

Rivian prides itself as the electric ride for adventuring. Get more on their website rivian.com

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