You want studio grade audio in your ears — Cambridge Audio Melomania

Melomania M100 earphones

Hot Take

 Cambridge Melomania gives expensive noise-canceling earbuds a run for their money.

What is and Specs

So you want studio-grade audio and you want it cheap. hehehe (laughs internally). Well you’ve won.

The Cambridge Audio Melomania M100 is Cambridge’s first pair of noise-canceling wireless earbuds, offering audiophile sound quality at an affordable price. They are a follow-up to the highly acclaimed Melomania 1 Plus wireless buds, which were praised for their sound quality and battery life despite the lack of noise-canceling features.


  • Driver and Amplification: Equipped with a 10mm driver and Class AB amplification derived from Cambridge Audio’s CX Series Hi-Fi amplifiers, the earbuds ensures high-quality sound reproduction.
  • Battery Life: 10 hours of playback with ANC activated and 16 hours with ANC off on a single charge.
  • Connectivity: Features Google Fast Pair, Microsoft Swift Pair, and manual pairing via a button on the charging case.
  • Price : $219 / £169 Available in black only.

Features, Design and Performance


Active Noise-Canceling (ANC): The Cambridge Audio Melomania M100 features active noise-canceling technology with three adjustable levels (High, Medium, Low), providing users with the flexibility to tailor their listening experience to their environment.

High-Resolution Audio Support: With aptX Lossless and aptX Adaptive support, the M100 delivers high-resolution audio streaming, ensuring that users can enjoy their favorite music with exceptional clarity and detail.

Customizable Sound Profiles: The accompanying Melomania app allows users to customize their sound experience with a seven-band EQ and six preset sound profiles, including Flat, Blues, Electronic, Natural, Rock, and Voice. This customization empowers users to fine-tune the audio to their preferences for various types of content.

Wireless Connectivity: Utilizing Bluetooth 5.3 technology, the M100 provides stable and efficient wireless connectivity, ensuring seamless pairing with compatible devices. Additionally, Google Fast Pair and Microsoft Swift Pair functionalities streamline the pairing process for added convenience.

Extended Battery Life: The M100 boasts impressive battery life, offering up to 10 hours of playback with ANC activated and up to 16 hours with ANC off on a single charge. The charging case provides additional charging capacity, enabling users to enjoy extended listening sessions without interruption.

Fast Charging and Qi Wireless Support: With fast charging capabilities, just 10 minutes of charging provides an additional 2 hours of ANC-enabled playback, ensuring that users can quickly top up their earbuds when on the go. Moreover, the inclusion of Qi wireless charging support adds further convenience, allowing users to charge their earbuds wirelessly with compatible charging pads.


Compact and Comfortable: The Melomania M100 features a discreet and ergonomic design that prioritizes comfort for long-term wear. The earbuds are compact and lightweight, minimizing fatigue during extended listening sessions.

Customizable Fit: The M100 comes with three sizes of silicone tips and two sizes of memory foam tips, allowing users to achieve a secure and personalized fit that enhances both comfort and sound isolation.

Sleek Charging Case: The charging case complements the earbuds’ design with a sleek and minimalist aesthetic. Its compact form factor makes it easy to carry in pockets or bags, while the inclusion of a USB port and Qi wireless charging support adds versatility to the charging options.


Exceptional Sound Quality: Equipped with 10mm drivers and Class AB amplification derived from Cambridge Audio’s renowned CX Series Hi-Fi amplifiers, the Melomania M100 delivers audiophile-grade sound quality. The drivers produce deep bass, natural vocals, and impressive treble clarity, ensuring an immersive listening experience across various genres of music.

Effective Active Noise-Canceling: The M100’s active noise-canceling technology effectively reduces ambient noise, allowing users to enjoy their music without distractions. While the noise-canceling performance is rated as good, users may still encounter some residual background noise, particularly at higher frequencies.


Overall, the Cambridge Audio Melomania M100 stands out as a top-tier option in the wireless earbud market, combining audiophile sound quality, advanced features, and ergonomic design at a competitive price point. Whether you’re a music enthusiast seeking premium audio performance or a casual listener in need of versatile and reliable earbuds, the M100 delivers on all fronts, making it a worthy investment for anyone looking to elevate their listening experience.

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