Apple Vision Pro: A Spatial Computer for Everyone

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Apple always does it different. Secrecy here and there and BOOM! – New product, The Apple Vision Pro presents a mesmerizing yet unfinished glimpse into the future.

What is and Specs

The Apple Vision Pro is an augmented and virtual reality(VR) headset designed to provide users with an immersive experience. This device introduces spatial computing, transforming it into a facial computer. Running on the VisionOS operating system, distinct from iOS, the headset seamlessly blends the real and virtual worlds. Equipped with a remarkable micro-OLED display and a sophisticated hand-eye control interface, the Vision Pro stands out as a device that pushes the boundaries of spatial awareness and mixed reality capabilities.


  • Amazing micro-OLED display
  • Fluid hand-eye control interface
  • Seamless integration of real and virtual worlds


  • High cost
  • Occasional imperfections in the hand-eye interface
  • Limited VisionOS-optimized apps
  • Requires external battery and cord for use
  • Not compatible with glasses


  • Display: Dual 4K micro-OLED displays, Rich and vibrant visuals
  • Spatial Computing: Transforms into a facial computer & spatial awareness and depth mapping
  • Operating System: VisionOS (distinct from iOS)
  • Compatibility: Runs iOS apps, Integrated with iCloud and Apple services (iTunes, Apple TV Plus, Arcade)
  • Weight and Dimensions: Approximately 1.3 pounds (excluding battery pack)
  • Battery: External battery pack required for use
  • Processor: M2 chip (comparable to the 13-inch MacBook Air)
  • Price: $3,499 (pricing may vary)

Cameras and Sensors:

  • Multiple external cameras
  • Lidar sensor
  • TrueDepth camera
  • Infrared sensors & Eye-tracking cameras and sensors.


  • Hand and eye tracking
  • No external controllers
  • Voice commands through built-in microphones

Features, Design, and Performance


Display Technology & OS:
The Vision Pro dual 4K micro-OLED displays paint a canvas of vibrant visuals, and with its spatial computing capabilities, it transports users to realms unseen. For its operating system, the Vision Pro comes with its VisionOS. It has circle-like icons, unlike iOS’ square ones.
External cameras, a lidar sensor, a TrueDepth camera, infrared sensors, and eye-tracking cameras create a symphony of interaction, capturing every nuance in the user’s movement.
The device is hands-free, taking voice commands, through built-in microphones.

Powerful Processor:
The beating heart, the M2 chip, powers the narrative, offering processing capabilities comparable to the esteemed 13-inch MacBook Air, and it runs with over 600 apps at lunch with native iCloud and Apple services.

Apple Vision Pro close up showing the Light Seal


Iconic Aesthetics:
It’s a visual fusion of iPhone and Meta Quest aesthetics, the headset embodies aluminum and glass contours, paying homage to Apple’s design heritage. It also has Apple’s rotating digital crown and clickable button.

Its speaker buds are nestled in side arms, for an incredible spatial audio experience.

Performance :

Display Quality & Processing Power:
It’s dual 4K micro-OLED displays offer visuals that transcend the limits, a symphony of rich and vibrant hues. The M2 chip takes center stage, ensuring every interaction is insanely responsive.

vision pro showing los angeles times
A user using the Vision pro to read LA Times

Multitasking and Resizable Windows:
VisionOS becomes a protagonist, enabling multitasking with resizable windows that enhance productivity. The familiar app grid and intuitive controls make this a reality.


Long gone are the days of 90’s computers. The future will have us swiping the air, using brain waves and apple is giving the vision pro as a start.

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