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HQST 100watt solar panel

First Impressions

I have this on the FrontRunner roof rack on the 4Runner.

I have aluminum mounting brackets under this bolted to the roof rack. I’ve been on the highway over 80MPH and had no problems. My vehicle lives outside and so far so good. I have a 10ft cable running inside charging a Jackery 240 battery. I went camping for a weekend and the panel kept enough power in the battery to power a cooler type frig in the back. We had a mix of sun and rain. Mounted flat on the roof is not ideal, but this is what I have. The jackery has a max charge ability of 60 watts. Unless it’s super cloudy, It usually charged at 60. So, this panel is putting out at least that much mounted flat. I now use the jackery to charge other devices like phones and wireless guitar packs etc. All sun power!

HQST 100W 12V – What is and Specs

The HQST 100W 12V 9BB Monocrystalline Solar Panel is a compact and efficient module designed for reliable solar power generation.


  • Type: Monocrystalline Solar Panel
  • Capacity: 100 Watts
  • Voltage: 12 Volts
  • Cell Efficiency: Up to 23%
  • Cell Grade: Grade A+
  • Protection Rating: IP65 Waterproof
solar panel on my pickup roof

HQST 100W 12V – Design,Features and , Performance


  • High Efficiency: Utilizes 9BB (busbar) technology, achieving up to 23% efficiency, ensuring optimal energy conversion.
  • Compact Design: The module’s compact size makes it versatile and suitable for various applications, including smaller solar setups or installations with limited space.
  • Grade A+ Cells: Equipped with Grade A+ solar cells, indicating high quality and performance standards.
  • Waterproof Design: With an IP65 rating, the solar panel is water-resistant, enhancing durability and making it suitable for outdoor use.

Performance of HQST 100W 12V 9BB Monocrystalline Solar Panel:

  • Energy Output: The 100W capacity ensures a steady output of solar energy, making it suitable for powering various devices, appliances, or contributing to off-grid solar systems.
  • Efficiency in Sunlight Conversion: With up to 23% high efficiency, this solar panel maximizes the conversion of sunlight into electricity, providing a reliable source of power. Can be used with this victron charge controller for even better conversion.
  • Versatility: The compact size of the module enhances its versatility, making it adaptable to different settings, whether it’s for RVs, boats, camping, or residential installations with limited space.
  • Weather Resistance: Boasting an IP65 waterproof rating, the solar panel is designed to withstand various weather conditions, ensuring consistent performance even in challenging environments.
  • Compatibility: The 12V voltage makes it compatible with a range of systems and applications, providing flexibility in how it can be integrated into different setups.
  • Consistent Output Over Time: The advanced 9BB technology contributes to a consistent and reliable output over the lifespan of the solar panel, offering a dependable source of clean energy. And even delivers better output with a solar tracker.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Solar Panels:

  1. How long does it take for solar panels to start saving me money?
    Experts suggest that homeowners usually experience a return on investment within seven to 12 years after installing solar panels. This is when the savings from reduced energy bills surpass the initial investment. Those opting for leasing or power purchasing agreements may see immediate savings.
  2. Is it more advisable to purchase or lease solar panels?
    If you have the financial means, buying solar panels is preferable, primarily due to the 30% federal tax credit on the total project cost. This credit significantly reduces the overall expense, leading to quicker attainment of “free” energy. Leasing provides energy bill reduction but lacks the tax credits, resulting in comparatively lower long-term savings.
  3. Do you require a permit for solar panel installation?
    The necessity of a permit depends on your location. In many municipalities or within homeowners’ associations, obtaining a permit before initiating the work is likely. Most installers typically handle this permitting process on your behalf.
  4. Care and lifespan of solar panels – Solar panels often come with a 25-year warranty, yet their actual lifespan typically extends beyond this timeframe. Moreover, they boast low maintenance requirements, merely necessitating the removal of obstructions such as dirt, leaves, and snow to ensure optimal performance.

When the sun is out and solar panels’ efficiencies drop, one technology that outputs power to supplement these is wind turbines.

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