Best Automatic Trash Can — dispose trash without touching

You don’t need to get those hands dirty, robots can do those👀

This cutting-edge 4.1-gallon smart self-sealing and self-changing garbage can is not just a bin; it’s a game-changer for your kitchen, bathroom, or office. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the features that make the Townew T1S stand out and simplify your life.

Why get the Townew T1S?

1: One-Touch Wonder – Self-Sealing & Changing
Experience the magic of one-touch automation with the townew T1S. Learn how a simple press and hold of the Sealing button for 3 seconds effortlessly achieves one-click automatic packaging. No more struggling with tying knots or wrestling with trash bags – the T1S takes care of it all. Find out how it seamlessly fills a new garbage bag after you’ve removed the full one, eliminating the need for an extra household chore.


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2: Overload Sealing for Effortless Cleanup🗑️
The T1S’s unique overload sealing feature. Discover how it automatically senses excess trash, adjusts to the height of the trash, and extends the trash bag to seal – all without the hassle of a pull strap. Uncover the convenience of lid opening mode, a one-click button that simplifies the process further.

3: Touch-Free Motion Sensor Lid
Learn how the infrared motion sensor detects movement within 14 inches, instantly opening the lid for a hands-free and hygienic disposal experience.

4: Ventilated Design for Odor-Free Spaces
Compared to fully sealed designs, the floating bucket lid prevents odors from building up inside the can through a low ventilation process. Discover how this thoughtful feature enhances your overall trash disposal experience.

5: Daily Convenience with townew
The townew T1S is designed to meet your daily needs effortlessly. From accommodating large items like fast-food boxes to its sleek and convenient design, this automatic trash can seamlessly integrates into your routine.

I recommend you get it

Upgrade your waste management game with the townew T1S Automatic Trash Can. Embrace the ease of one-touch automation, overload sealing, touch-free motion sensing, and a ventilated design that ensures an odor-free environment. Streamline your daily chores and make a smart choice for your space. Experience the future of waste disposal – order your townew T1S today!

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