Dual-Axis Tracking —generate more power per Square Inch: best Solar Tracker 2024

ECO-WORTHY Solar Panel Dual Axis Tracking System

First Impression

I was impressed. Good build quality and it does make my solar panel output almost double what it would have if it laid back.

ECO-WORTHY Solar: What is and Specs

The ECO-WORTHY Solar Panel Dual Axis Tracking System is an advanced solution designed to significantly enhance the efficiency of solar panels. This comprehensive solar tracker kit employs dual-axis tracking technology to optimize the orientation of solar panels, maximizing sunlight exposure and increasing power output by up to 40%. Tailored for versatility, this system is suitable for a variety of solar panels, making it an ideal choice for yards, farms, and fields.


  1. Power Generation Boost:
  • Dual-axis solar tracker increases PV power generation by at least 40%, optimizing panel orientation towards sunlight throughout the day.
  1. 270° Rotation:
  • 2-axis driving system and a sensitive sunshine sensor enable a 270° rotation, allowing panels to absorb sunlight from north, south, west, and east sides.
  1. Wind Stability:
  • Equipped with an airspeed sensor for windy conditions, the tracker auto-adjusts to the horizon angle to maintain stability. Anchoring with expanding screws ensures resilience in hurricanes or storms.
  1. Panel Compatibility:
  • Designed to accommodate 6 pcs of 195w ECO-WORTHY panels, with space considerations for different panels. Cross rod dimensions: 114.2in x 29.4in, vertical rod length: 45.6in, and width: 30.3in, driven by 1500N rods.

Features, Design and Performance

Features of ECO-WORTHY Solar Panel Dual Axis Tracking System:

Power Boost Technology:

  • Increases solar panel efficiency by 40%, optimizing power generation through dual-axis tracking.

Tracker Controller:

  • Advanced controller for precise and automated solar tracking, ensuring optimal sunlight exposure throughout the day.

Complete Solar Tracker Kit:

  • Comprehensive kit includes all necessary components for easy installation, catering to both DIY enthusiasts and professionals.

Versatile Panel Compatibility:

  • Designed to accommodate various solar panel types, making it ideal for diverse installations and applications.

Ideal for Outdoor Spaces:

  • Tailored for yards, farms, and fields, providing a sustainable and efficient energy solution for outdoor environments.

Design of ECO-WORTHY Solar Panel Dual Axis Tracking System:

Dual-Axis Tracking Mechanism:

  • Dynamic adjustment of both azimuth and elevation angles to follow the sun’s movement for maximum energy capture.

270° Rotation Capability:

  • 2-axis driving system allows a 270° rotation, enabling panels to absorb sunlight from north, south, west, and east sides.

Wind Stability Features:

  • Airspeed sensor for automatic angle adjustment during heavy winds, ensuring stability. Ground anchoring for hurricane or storm resistance.

Panel Layout and Dimensions:

  • Space for 6 pcs of 195w ECO-WORTHY panels, with carefully considered dimensions for cross and vertical rods, accommodating different panel types.

Performance of ECO-WORTHY Solar Panel Dual Axis Tracking System:

40% Power Increase:

  • A substantial boost in solar panel efficiency results in a 40% increase in power generation compared to fixed installations.

Efficient Sunlight Absorption:

  • Sensitive sunshine sensor optimizes panel orientation, ensuring efficient sunlight absorption from all directions.

Reliable Wind Resistance:

  • Auto-adjustment during heavy winds and secure ground anchoring contribute to the system’s reliability and stability in varying weather conditions.

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