C3: best OLED tv for sitting rooms today

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I bought this on a Black Friday special so the price was very good IMO. This TV is a huge improvement over my old 4K TV. The picture is amazing and the sound output is sweet. I used the apps on the LG TV. So far the LG apps are not bad but I may switch back to ROKU. The remote is something, a cursor appears to speed up navigation. Also does voice commands. The OK button in the middle of the navigation buttons is a wheel that allows you to scroll. This is pure OLED. Nothing better. This is the best-oled tv you can find today.

The LG OLED C3: What it is and Specs

LG OLED 4K Smart TV is a beautiful OLED(Organic Light-Emitting Diode) television great for viewing incredible motion images for the home or otherwise.


  • Immerse in superior picture quality
  • Navigate effortlessly with an enhanced smart interface
  • Elevate your gaming experience with top-notch features and performance


  • Sound quality falls short, rated as average
  • Lacks the ATSC 3.0 tuner
  • Opinions on the LG remote are divisive

Key Specifications of the LG OLED C3:

  • Screen size: 65-inch
  • Model: OLED65C3PUA
  • Resolution: 3,840×2,160
  • HDR: HDR10, Dolby Vision, HLG
  • Refresh Rate: 120Hz
  • Ports: 4 HDMI 2.1, 3 USB
  • Audio: 40W
  • Smart TV Software: webOS 23
  • Size (without stand): 56.7×32.5×1.8 inches
  • Weight (without stand): 36.6 lbs.

Building on the success of predecessors like the LG C1 OLED and LG C2 OLED, the C3 continues the tradition of delivering exceptional picture quality and usability at a reasonable price point.

The LG OLED C3 Review: Design, Setup and Performance.

LG OLED C3 Design:

Sleek and modern like most OLED TVs, the C3 features a paper-thin metal bezel, creating a stylish look. The rear of the screen is adorned with thin horizontal lines, complemented by the central control box displaying the “LG OLED” logo. The TV’s ports, including four HDMI 2.1 ports, are conveniently located on the left edge for easy accessibility.

credit image : google

The C3’s stand, while sturdy and easy to adjust, has a somewhat traditional appearance, deviating from the TV’s overall sleek aesthetics.

LG OLED C3 Performance:

Equipped with an a9 AI Processor Gen6 designed exclusively for LG, the C3 excels in enhancing brightness, color accuracy, and overall picture quality. With perfect blacks, impressive contrast, and rich, accurate colors, the C3 delivers an exceptional viewing experience.

During testing, the C3 showcased its capabilities with various content, from the vibrant colors of The Super Mario Bros. Movie to the nuanced scenes of Denis Villeneuve’s Dune. It consistently provided a stunning and immersive visual experience from any angle.

LG OLED C3 Audio:

While the C3’s 40W audio across 2.2 channels is satisfactory for movies and music, it doesn’t match the excellence of its picture quality. The sound may lack the deep bass or crystalline treble expected for a complete audiovisual experience. Listening at higher volumes may result in noticeable distortion, urging users to stick to lower volumes for optimal performance.

LG offers a dedicated soundbar and subwoofer, the SC9, designed specifically for use with the C3. The Wow Orchestra feature syncs the TV’s speakers with the soundbar for an enhanced surround-sound experience. However, this feature was not tested during this review.

LG OLED C3 Gaming:

LG C3 42” Gaming Setup : r/OLED_Gaming
image credit: google

The C3 caters to gamers with a range of play-enhancement options under its Game Optimizer umbrella. Featuring Variable Refresh Rate (VRR), Auto Low Latency Mode (ALLM), and genre-specific settings, the C3 is rated as Nvidia G-Sync Compatible and supports AMD FreeSync Premium.

During gaming tests with titles like Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, the C3 provided smooth gameplay without intrusive interruptions from its gaming functions. The Leo Bodnar 4K Lag Tester revealed a commendable lag time of 12.9ms, dropping to an impressive 9.1ms with the Boost function activated.

LG OLED C3 Smart TV Interface:

LG C3 OLED Review: Bright & Beautiful - Tech Advisor

LG’s webOS 23 powers the C3’s smart TV interface, offering a streamlined and visually appealing user experience. The home screen features a screen-spanning carousel, Quick Cards for easy access to recent activities, and an app bar with customizable options. The interface provides a user-friendly and efficient navigation experience, with the ability to rearrange the app bar based on usage.

LG OLED C3 Remote:

LG C3 OLED TV Review - Reviewed

The remote for the C3 combines comfort and functionality, featuring a well-designed layout with a comprehensive set of buttons. The numeric keypad, volume and channel controls, navigational pad, and dedicated keys for popular streaming services are included. While the design is ergonomic, some users may find the navigation concept, involving a cursor on the screen, to be less intuitive.

LG OLED C3 Verdict:
The LG OLED C3 lives up to the hype of its predecessors, delivering a compelling TV experience in the latest generation. Whether watching movies, playing games, or exploring smart TV features, the C3 excels in maximizing its potential at its price point.

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