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The FlexiSpot Pro Plus Mesh Office Chair OC14. Incredible

My experience

Dealing with back pain while working long hours as a young professional is tough. It’s a constant challenge that makes even basic tasks at work feel difficult. Trying to stay focused becomes a struggle, and the mental toll is real. Juggling career responsibilities while managing back pain requires finding a balance. I took a step to solve this by starting with the basics – getting a new chair. Here’s my take on the best I could find.

My Take on FlexiSpot Pro Plus Mesh Office Chair OC14 – Best Ergonomic Chair

What I Like:

  • Adjustable headrest
  • Smooth-rolling wheels
  • Breathable mesh backrest and seat

Area needed of improvement:

  • No adjustable lumbar support
  • Limited configuration options

Colors: Available in red, gray, light blue, and black
Material: Fabric
Seat width: 20.47 inches
Weight Limit: 485 pounds

FlexiSpot Office Chair Review: Design, Setup and Performance.

The chair’s standout feature is its mesh backrest and seat, a premium characteristic often associated with higher-priced models. The fabric envelops the user, providing a remarkably comfortable seating experience. With seven adjustable points, ranging from the headrest to the armrests, this chair offers a level of customization uncommon in its price range. Additionally, the seat’s back-and-forth movement sets it apart from other chairs in this budget category

The distinctive striped pattern on the mesh material of the headrest, backrest, and seat catches the eye, particularly when the chair is pushed in. The white back frame, adorned with holes, adds another visual element to the design.

Flexispot BS8 Flexi-Chair ergonomic Desk Chair review - Growing Family
the BS8. Its righthand. image credit: google

Highlighted by a light gray color that complements the gray mesh, the armrests draw attention, especially in the red and light blue versions. While the firmness at the ends provides support, the slight give in the middle allows elbows to comfortably sink in.

The mesh seat follows a similar design, featuring a central cutout for a seated experience that remains firm yet allows ample airflow through the gap between the mesh and the seat frame.

Crafted with an aluminum base and 360-degree casters, the Flexispot Pro Plus Mesh Office Chair exudes a premium feel, amplified by the smooth and silent rolling experience. During my weeks of use alongside the Flexispot Pro E7 Pro Plus Standing Desk, the chair proved not only comfortable but also aesthetically pleasing. The seat cushion, with its enveloping sensation, adds to the overall comfort.


Despite initial disappointment with the lack of adjustable lumbar support, the chair’s backrest, curving in at the bottom like the spine, mitigated any concerns. The adjustable headrest and 30° tilt further contribute to the chair’s comfort, making it suitable for both work and relaxation.

The Flexispot Pro Plus Mesh Office Chair offers various adjustable features, that align with its ergonomic design. From the arch-shaped headrest to the armrests’ height and tilt adjustments, users can customize their sitting experience. The chair’s backrest with a 30° tilt and the ability to lock it in place, coupled with the seat’s height adjustability, addresses individual preferences and comfort needs.

The assembly process, detailed in the provided instructions, was straightforward, though larger images and labeled bolts could enhance user-friendliness. Assembling the chair took approximately 20 minutes, and having a second person would expedite the process.

Who is it suitable for?

  • Office Professionals and Home Office Users:
    • Ideal for individuals working in office settings, the Flexispot Pro Plus Mesh Office Chair offers a perfect blend of comfort and style, enhancing the overall workspace experience.
    • Well-suited for those working from home, this ergonomic chair provides a comfortable seating solution for extended periods, promoting productivity and minimizing the risk of discomfort associated with prolonged sitting.
  • Individuals Seeking Customization:
    • For individuals who prefer a personalized and tailored sitting experience. This includes customizable headrest height, armrest adjustments, and a lockable backrest with a 30° tilt.
  • Budget-Conscious Consumers:
    • Considering its mid-range pricing, this chair provides an attractive option for budget-conscious consumers who desire a premium-looking office chair without compromising on essential features.

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