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ANYCUBIC Photon Mono 2, Resin 3D Printer with 6.6'' 4K + LCD Monochrome Screen, Upgraded LighTurbo Matrix with High-Precision Printing, Enlarge Print Volume 6.49'' x 5.62'' x 3.5''

ANYCUBIC Photon Mono 2 review

My experience

Highly recommend. 15 minutes of YouTube videos gets you started, it’s basically plug-and-play with great-looking prints.

It’s a SLA printer has been a delightful surprise. Coming from years of using an FDM printer, I was unsure about SLA, but it has won me over. It’s quieter and less intrusive than my FDM, and my family hardly notices it, except for a slight smell. Unlike FDM, it demands less constant attention and part replacements.

Internally, the machine is robust, with solid metal parts and connections. The ball joint for the build plate is a favorite for easy leveling. Compared to regular 3D printers, leveling is a painless process. The housing is somewhat flexible and not structurally problematic.

ANYCUBIC Photon Mono 2 review: What is and Specs

The ANYCUBIC Photon Mono 2 is a resin-based 3D printer designed for high-precision and detailed printing. It utilizes a monochrome LCD screen and an LED light source to cure liquid resin layer by layer, creating intricate 3D models. Resin printers like the Photon Mono 2 are known for their ability to produce smooth surfaces and fine details.

Key Specifications of ANYCUBIC Photon Mono 2:

  • Printing Technology: LCD-based Stereolithography (SLA)
  • Build Volume: 130 x 80 x 165mm (5.1 x 3.1 x 6.5 inches)
  • Layer Resolution: 0.01 – 0.15mm
  • Printing Speed: 1-2 seconds per layer
  • Light Source: 405nm wavelength monochrome LCD
  • Printable Materials: UV-sensitive resins
  • Touch Screen: 3.5-inch color touchscreen
  • Connectivity: USB Port (Offline) and USB Stick
  • Z-axis Accuracy: 0.00125mm
  • XY Resolution: 51 microns
  • Printer Size: 230 x 200 x 400mm (9.1 x 7.9 x 15.7 inches)
  • Weight: 6.7kg (14.8 lbs)
  • Print Technology: Matrix UV light source (80W)
  • Slicer Software: Anycubic Photon Workshop
  • Supported File Types: STL, OBJ, AMF
  • Operating System: Windows, Mac
  • Printable Resin Types: 405nm UV resin

ANYCUBIC: Features, Design and Performance


  • Monochrome LCD Precision: The Photon Mono 2 leverages monochrome LCD technology for rapid curing and extended lifespan, ensuring precise layer-by-layer printing.
  • High-Resolution Detailing: Achieve intricate and detailed 3D prints with layer resolutions ranging from 0.01 to 0.15mm, showcasing the printer’s capability for fine detailing.
  • User-Friendly Software: The accompanying software provides a user-friendly interface, simplifying the 3D printing process. Despite initial challenges in understanding 3D printing nuances, the software streamlines tasks such as hollowing parts, adding drain holes, and incorporating supports.
  • Default Settings Integration: Enjoy a hassle-free printing experience with default settings aligned between the printer and software, both originating from the same company. This synergy reduces the need for extensive adjustments, making it convenient for users.
  • Matrix UV Light Source: Benefit from the Matrix UV light source with a wavelength of 405nm, contributing to faster curing times and efficient printing.


  • Robust Internal Structure: Internally, the printer boasts a robust design featuring solid metal components and secure connections. The build plate’s ball joint stands out as a favorite design element, facilitating easy leveling for optimal print results.
  • Effortless Leveling: Unlike traditional 3D printers, the Photon Mono 2 offers a painless leveling process, enhancing user convenience. The ball joint and stability of the Z-axis contribute to seamless and accurate layer alignment.
  • Enclosed Housing: The printer’s housing, while somewhat flexible, maintains structural integrity. The enclosed design effectively contains any flexibility concerns, ensuring a stable and reliable printing environment.


  • Safety Assurance: One standout feature is the elimination of safety worries. With no parts heating up to extreme temperatures, the Photon Mono 2 ensures a secure printing experience. The enclosed design effectively contains the resin’s slight odor.
  • Odor Containment: The enclosed design efficiently contains the resin’s slight odor, addressing any concerns related to unwanted smells during the printing process.
  • Essential Preparedness: Users are advised to be well-prepared with essentials such as alcohol, paper towels, and cleaning tubs. Curing the resin is a crucial step, and although the company provides a curing product, personal experimentation is recommended for optimal results.

Print Speed:

  • Swift Precision: The Photon Mono X stands out as a swift performer in the 3D printing realm. In a test featuring our 4-inch high Thinker model, this powerhouse of a printer accomplished the task in a mere 7 hours and 35 minutes. This impressive speed significantly outpaces many competitors in its class, offering a notable advantage in project turnaround times.
  • Vertical Efficiency: Testing the Thinker model vertically revealed the Photon Mono X’s prowess in speed. With ample print space to accommodate vertical printing, the same model took only 3 hours and 56 minutes, showcasing the printer’s efficiency in diverse printing orientations.

Print Quality:

  • Exceptional Reproduction: The Photon Mono doesn’t just excel in speed; its print quality is equally remarkable. Producing prints with clean, sharp edges and smooth, organic curves, this 3D printer achieves results that meet professional standards.
  • Fine Details: Testing the printer with models, planetary gears, and a geometric sculpture highlighted its ability to reproduce fine details. The Thinker statue exhibited fine details and smooth curves, while the geometric sculpture showcased sharp edges, precise points, and accurate interlocking surfaces.

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